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Trio Glass Beads Long Pendant Necklace
Our bestselling elegant long pendant necklace made with unique handmade double helix glass beads. Through this bead-making technique, due to the high content of silver in the material used, each iridescent bead enjoys its own unique shades and look, ensuring no two beads are exactly alike. This beautiful iridescent trio of glass beads, each dangling on a gold-filled chain and ring, creates a stunning modern glass tassel necklace on a leather cord. This ensemble of earthy tons along with the metal elements makes this the perfect day-to-night necklace to look fabulous with any outfit. This is one of my glass beads necklaces.
Dimensions & Materials 
Necklace length: 40’’ (100cm),
A light brown/ black leather cord, gold-hook / Silver clasp.
Tassel length 3.5’’ (9cm).
The glass bead is approx. 0.4’’-0.6’’ (1cm-1.5cm).
For this one-of-a-kind necklace, please contact me to choose the exact beads.
Please note, due to the nature of the glass bead making technique, bead color and texture may vary than pictured.
Payments can be received through bit, PayBox or by phone.052-550-6788

Trio Glass Beads Long Pendant Necklace

  • Available in any color of your choice.
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