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Long Floral Glass Beads Station Necklace
Both gorgeous and delicate, this romantic long floral station necklace is made with five uniquely crafted glass beads. Inspired by spring flower colors, each bead is adorned with pink flowers and three-dimensional specks to give it extra texture and charm, creating a spectacular colorful look in blues, pinks, and yellows. The five gorgeous handmade glass beads are evenly spaced on an oxidized silver chain with silver elements. This is one of my glass beads necklaces.Dimensions & Materials 
Necklace length: 36” (91cm) sterling silver hook clasp and components.
Each glass bead is approx. 0.6” (1.5cm) in diameter (round).
Please note, due to the nature of the glass bead-making technique, bead color and texture may vary than pictured.Want to make your own personal one of a kind necklace? Contact me for custom colors and designs.
Payments can be received through bit, PayBox or by phone.052-550-6788

Long Floral Glass Beads Station Necklace

  • Available in any color of your choice.
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