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Glass and Metal Menorah
Every Jewish household needs a menorah, and what's more beautiful than this unique glass and metal design. This candelabra is made of two main parts, a complex base made of 8 flat metal rods with a flat round edge and 9 double helix glass beads. In my bead-making technique, due to a high content of silver in the material, each iridescent bead acquires its own unique shades, ensuring that no two beads will ever be exactly alike. Each glass bead serves as a candle holder with a magnet on the bottom, allowing to play with the beads on the metal base. Perfect for Hannukah, Holidays or Shabbat, this menorah is an exceptional, one of a kind art piece.
All beads can be washed in warm water.
Dimensions & Materials 
The metal base is approx. 6.5’’ (17cm)
Each glass bead is approx. 1.4’’-1.8’’ x 0.8’’ (3.5-4.5cm x.2cm)
This piece is made to order. Beads can be made in numerous colors. Please inquire.
Please note, due to the nature of the glass bead-making technique, beads' color and texture may vary from pictured.Want to make your own personal one of a kind jewelry piece? Custom colors and designs are available upon request.
Payments can be received through bit, PayBox or by phone.052-550-6788

Glass and Metal Menorah

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