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Flat Glass Beads Necklace Love & Happiness
This meaningful long adjustable necklace is made with three translucent flat glass beads and two silver coins holding a powerful message. The two silver plates have the Hebrew words אהבה (Love) & אושר (Happiness) engraved and combined together with stunning translucent flat glass beads. Each flat ‘coin-like glass bead is made of clear glass with a silver leaf touch, handmade in our studio using traditional bead making techniques. This exquisite leather cord necklace is full of significance to the wearer. This expressive and elegant necklace will make the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend. The combination of the metallic translucent flat glass beads, the engraved silver coins, the black leather cord, and the option to wear it long or short makes this necklace the ultimate fashion necklace. This is one of my flat glass beads necklaces.
Dimensions & Materials
Necklace length 47’’ (120cm), made of a high-quality black suede cord, is adjustable and can be worn at any length.
Each glass & silver ‘coin’ is approx. 0.5-0.8 x 1-1.2" (1.5-2 x 2.5-3cm).
Please note, due to the nature of the glass bead-making technique, bead color and texture may vary than pictured.
Want to make your own personal one of a kind necklace? Contact me for custom colors and designs.
Payments can be received through bit, PayBox or by phone.052-550-6788

Flat Glass Beads Necklace Love & Happiness

  • Available in any color of your choice.
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